Naming Names: The Exxon 11

The Exxon-Mobil corporation relies on eleven senators to silence attacks on the fossil fuel industry and to defeat legislation that would hurt their business. They particularly detest the Carbon Tax proposals, which are necessary to convert the economy to a renewal energy economy. Under the rubric of Citizens United, the purchase of U.S. senators by donation and unspecified support is legal. The eleven senators who are considered “owned” by Exxon-Mobil company executives are:

  • Joe Manchin -D (#1 go-to guy on their list)
  • John Barrasso -R
  • John Cornyn -R
  • Steve Daines -R
  • Shelly Moore Capito -R
  • Marco Rubio -R
  • Chris Coons -D
  • Maggie Hassan -D
  • Mark Kelly -D
  • Kyrsten Sinema -D
  • Jon Tester -D

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