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The Big Bold Jewish Climate Festival

The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest – Registration now open Date: January 27-31, 2021 / Tu BiShvat 5781 Event website: https://www.jewishclimatefest.org/ Rabbi Jacob will be offering a workshop on building lobby presentations on environmental justice on January 30 @ 12pm.

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You (You kindhearted soul) Are The Target

The competent magician compels the audience to turn their attention elsewhere while the switch is made, seemingly unseen. Magicians are Old School though, because entire industries have adopted the mechanism of deception as their entire public relations strategy. The tobacco…

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Speaking to More Than One Generation at the Same Time

In a review of Jewish sermons, speeches, and articles across denominations, one of the salient themes is the use of secular facts, figures, and arguments that are brought into a religious context. The greater world is understood as complimenting and…

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“They won’t fool us again!”

Jewish wisdom often has a peculiar slant of viewing the world that is out of sync with mainstream media and punditry. The joke, which is not particularly funny, runs like this: A man comes running to his rabbi exclaiming that…

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March 2020 update

The Coronavirus pandemic is upon us. Those of us who are invested in the fight to save the planet from climate change are in a most peculiar position of action/no action. Carbon pollution across the globe has plummeted as entire…

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Why Advocacy?

Why are Jews being asked to organize on climate change? What is the strategy that community and national organizers are using? Is it working? Click here to read the article.

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