About Aklim

Why this website?

This website was created to accelerate the engagement of Jewish communities across North America and the globe on the global climate pandemic. We have until 2030 to cut our emissions in half, which only gives us a 50/50 chance to outpace irreparable damage to the planet. We have the science, we have the technology, what we lack is the political will to act.

We need the Jewish voice to call forth to the four corners of the earth.

Who is responsible for this website?

Rabbi Glenn Jacob D.D. is the executive director of the New York affiliate of Interfaith Power & Light, NYIPL, a front-line organization dedicated to bringing together faith and climate science to safeguard the Earth. He organizes and lobbies in both Albany and Washington D.C. He is also Hillel Director at the Interfaith Center at Adelphi University. Before coming to NYIPL, he served synagogues from the Deep South to Long Island for over 25 years. He received a Master’s Degree in Hebrew Letters, Rabbinic Ordination, and later a Doctor of Divinity from Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati.

His 2019 podcasts with Climate Matters can be found here.

This site is a project of New York Interfaith Power & Light.

Can I make a donation to help the mission of Aklim?

O yes, please do! Aklim is a special project of NYIPL, all donations will be received and recorded under the 501(c)3 status of New York Interfaith Power & Light, but will be credited to the Aklim project. You can donate here.

Can I become a member of Aklim?

Not only can you become a member of Aklim, you can become a founding member. No swag though, until bio-degradable objects of value are located. Click here to join.

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