Sustainability Manual

The Green Team Manual is specifically written for Houses of Worship located in the United States. In consultation with environmental engineers, community organizers, and both lay and clergy leaders, the manual offers a “best practices” approach to building and maintaining an environmental focus as a congregation.

The five assessment tools, or audits if you will, help the Green Team set priorities specific to their congregation. In an era of climate change, all five areas are essential to the process of addressing the global pollution pandemic. This manual is a religious exercise, a project of Tikkun Olam and of putting faith/belief into action .

The manual is downloaded as a PDF file.

NYIPL offers this manual on an honor system. You may preview the secure document for free. We ask synagogues to make a donation, which helps to cover the cost of building, maintaining, and updating the manual. Once a donation has been made, a password will be sent to you to unlock the document for printing.

Link to media file Sustainability Manual
Link to donation page for NYIPL
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