One of the blessings of living in the United States is that Jews do not have to stand alone. Our history has not always been so kind. Working with concerned people of faith from other religions amplifies our voice and increases our reach. When working in concert, the religious voice can be the final little push that makes advocacy succeed; hand in hand, we are stronger.

At more personal level though, putting faith into action is an act of prayer unlike any other. When one is marching and the person next to you is wearing a cross, a hijab or a saffron robe, the words of the psalmist ring clear, “Faithfulness and truth meet; justice and well-being kiss. Truth springs up from the earth; justice looks down from heaven.” (Ps. 85:11-12.)

Please find below a list of allies in the religious world of the United States, who are also dedicated to solving climate change and addressing environmental justice. Engagement of local houses of worship vary, even when the national judicatory calls for strong action.

Interfaith Power and Light:  (Links to independent state affiliates are found here.)

Jewish Climate Action Network:

Jewish Earth Alliance – connecting synagogues to their congressional delegations:

Hazon – Jewish approach to sustainable living (food):

Green the Church – ecology and theology in black churches:

National Religious Partnership for the Environment:

Baptist Creation Care:

Earth Ministry:

Episcopal Church:

 Web of Creation: <>

Creation Justice Ministries:

Evangelical Environmental Network:

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Eco-Justice Ministries:

Religious Action Center:

Franciscan Action Network:

Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological:

Universalist Unitarian Association:

Friends Committee on National Legislation:


United Methodist Church:

NAACP on Environmental Justice:

NAACP links to Environmental Justice organizations:

Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) programs:

Sikh Community:

Green Muslims:

First Nations:

Parliament of the World’s Religions Climate Project:

The Shalom Center (with Rabbi Arthur Waskow):

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