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After the Tipping Point

Bill McKibben recently spoke on the PBS podcast, “The United States of Anxiety.” We have passed the tipping point on climate change but there is much we can still do to address climate change and avert unmitigated disaster. You can…

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The Phony Cry of Doomerism

The reports from the field observations on climate are returning with ever worsening reports, as predicted. Heat absorption, the Arctic and Antarctica, mounting land degradation tallies are ticking upward, which again, were explicated in the climate models. Last week, Greenpeace…

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You (You kindhearted soul) Are The Target

The competent magician compels the audience to turn their attention elsewhere while the switch is made, seemingly unseen. Magicians are Old School though, because entire industries have adopted the mechanism of deception as their entire public relations strategy. The tobacco…

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The Question of Australia

Australia is a burnt husk of itself as devasting fires have devoured millions of acres and killed up to one billion animals. The smoke from the fires have traveled around the globe and back again to choke the southern continent….

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Railroads’ Dirty Money

Another piece of the Climate Denial Industry’s funding has been uncovered. Railroads rely on coal for up to one-third of their business. They have donated billions.

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