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After the Tipping Point

Bill McKibben recently spoke on the PBS podcast, “The United States of Anxiety.” We have passed the tipping point on climate change but there is much we can still do to address climate change and avert unmitigated disaster. You can…

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Using Bureaucracy

When Vice News interviewed the mayor of an Oregon town that lost a third of its housing to last year’s wildfires, the mayor offered the following sentiment. She was asked if encouraging people to return was a good idea with…

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NY Times offers kid’s book on climate change

This one is a must see: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/04/18/climate/climate-change-future-kids.html

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Confused as to what we need to do to solve climate change? Welcome to the club. MIT has a new interactive website that lays out all the pieces of the climate puzzle on one screen. Move the slides and see…

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NASA review of 2019

NASA and NOAA have released their report on climate change in 2019. The conclusion is that 2019 was the second warmest year on record. The press release contains a summary of the report. You can read the summary with graphics…

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1966, Coal Industry knew about Climate Change

A recently discovered journal form 1966 has a article from a coal research firm on the projected effects of burning coal. The article correctly predicts the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and effects that we are experiencing today….

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